Registration Fee

Categories 目录
Registration Fee 注册费
Authors (Regular) 普通作者
Authors (Students) 学生作者
Presenter Only 只做报告不发表文章
Listeners 听众参会
Additional Page(s)超页费
Additional Paper(s)相同第一作者的额外文章发表


1. A normal registration to the paper contains 5 pages only and extra pages should be charged.

2. All conference attendees must register. Personal badges will be provided to identify registered participants. All registered participants will receive admission to the lunch, dinner, and conference materials.

3. If someone wishes to register several papers, to enjoy additional paper discount, he/she should be the first author in those papers.

4. Student fee is only applicable for students who are the first author.

5. The Presenter includes admission to the conference presentation, lunches, and one conference materials.

Camera-ready Guidelines for Authors

Check carefully your submission information in the Camera Ready. The information will be used to automatically generate the table of contents of the proceedings, the author's index, the book of abstracts and the final program of the conference.